prayer for the persecuted


Our Father, (ours and theirs)

Draw the persecuted close
In the arms of the Comforter
To know the peace that passes understanding
Secure in the assurance
Deep within

no trouble or hardship
no persecution
no famine or thirst
no nakedness or danger
no sword or bomb

Not even when facing death all day long
Not even when considered like sheep to be slaughtered
Not unbearable life,
Not death

Nothing can ever seperate us from the Love of God
Seen, known, proven
in Jesus Christ your beloved son, sacrificed for us on the cross.

And give today daily bread, Father
Food, drink, shelter, clothes
Hope for tomorrow
Confidence for eternity

Strengthen, uphold, sustain
Each Mother’s heart, each Father’s soul
Give childlike joy and resilience to young and old
Angelic protection from trauma

Courage most divine
To stand firm
To remain true
Love most holy
To forgive
To pray for enemies

And glorify You
Somehow to reveal the beauty of You
Pouring out your loving kindness

Inadvertently or intentionally
On those blinded by the Adversary
Light in the darkness pouring through the cracks
Fresh seeds of faith in the Middle East

Let them know they are not forgotten Father
Not by You
Not by us

We are N


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